"ccoviconnection is the only tool
in the industry to fully support
Session-Based Test Management
for exploratory testing"

James Bach
Satisfice, Inc.

ccoviconnection brings the power of the computer to your manual testing and exploratory testing!


The Administrator provides project administration functions.


The Issue Manager provides fully integrated defect tracking and management.


The Analyzer provides metrics, charts, and graphs.

ccoviconnection empowers you to test software better, communicate results better, and keep management better informed on your testing progress. By using ccoviconnection to leverage the power of your manual testers, your teams can deliver better software, faster, and with a level of documentation and process control that will stand up to any scrutiny.

ccoviconnection is a suite of software testing tools that brings the power and organization normally found in automated testing tools to the process of manual testing and exploratory testing for Windows applications. By using ccoviconnection, you can focus more on testing the application and less on managing the work of manual testing. The process of manual testing becomes more streamlined, more efficient and more accountable.

ccoviconnection provides powerful tools for testing Windows applications in a Windows environment, and runs in Windows NT/XP/2000 and Vista. ccoviconnection also runs in many Windows emulators on the Macintosh. Since ccoviconnection does not rely on hooking your application, it can also be used in many remoting applicaitons and emulators to test non-Windows software, embedded systems, and external devices.


Feature Tour --

search engine optimization essay writing services   ● Keylogging
   ● Screen Shots
   ● Desktop Video
   ● File Monitoring
   ● Registry Differencing
   ● System Information
   ● Test Case Creation
   ● Issue Tracking
   ● Graphs and Reports
   ● Integrated Interface


ccoviconnection -- Powerful Manual Testing!!!


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